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We are an authorized reseller and Elite partner for Nuance® Communications, the industry's leading speech recognition software. Dragon enables field professionals to dictate notes, reports and other documents in a timely and efficient manner. Dragon turns speech into text three times faster than most people type – with up to 99% accuracy!


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According to a survey conducted by Nuance® Healthcare of over 1,000 physicians, two-thirds said that using the mouse and keyboard to document care in an EHR represents a "major hurdle" in their practice of medicine. More tellingly, 97% of physicians indicated that the structured templates of an EHR prevent the physician from telling the patient’s full story or accurately reflecting the physician’s decisions—vital in an integrated delivery network where one-on-one conversations between primary care physician and specialist cannot economically or efficiently take place about each patient.

Given this scenario, an alternative or assistive technology is needed to facilitate EHR adoption rates, which addresses clinician productivity, clinician and patient satisfaction, and quality of medical record concerns.

In an era of Accountable Healthcare, where there is shared responsibility for the quality and cost of patient care, Dragon® Medical Practice Edition empowers healthcare organizations and clinicians to accurately capture and transform the patient story into meaningful, actionable information to facilitate smarter, more efficient decisions across the healthcare enterprise.

The most widely used and successful speech recognition solution in medical practices around the country, Dragon Medical has been selected by more than 180,000 clinicians worldwide to document care directly in an electronic health record (EHR).