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Your source for total revenue management solutions.

Gateway EDI began in 1983 with one idea: to streamline medical practice operations. Today, they’re one of the fastest-growing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) providers in the country. Kaberline Healthcare Informatics is strategically partnered with Gateway EDI to provide customers the necessary tools and technology to overcome the complexities of modern day revenue management.

Gateway EDI understands. You need a partner, not a service provider.

By focusing more efforts on professional patient care, you can actually improve office revenue and productivity. Gateway EDI makes it possible. Our technology allows you to improve efficiency by automating key business functions. Plus, Gateway EDI technology is combined with the highest level of customer service in the nation. Our knowledgeable, accessible service truly sets us apart from other clearinghouses.

Stop Losing Time. Start Gaining Revenue.

Gateway EDI customer service representatives have an average of 11 years in the health care industry, so they understand your daily challenges. These experts are available during business hours and beyond, because that’s when you work. And 92% of the time, when you call, your question will be answered before you hang up the phone. We make you our priority, so you can make patients your priority.

Gateway EDI's success speaks for itself.

  • Serve more than 21,000 offices in all 50 states and Guam, representing more than 100,000 providers.
  • Electronically submit to more than 3,000 payers nationwide.
  • Gateway EDI customers lower their average error rate to 7% or less.
  • 98% of all calls to customer service department are answered by a real person.
  • 92% of all customer questions are answered on the first call; all are solved within five days.

Call Kaberline Healthcare to discover why Gateway EDI has a 100% year-over-year customer retention rate. 314.994.3880 or 1.866.994.3891


Unlimited Electronic Claims


Claim Status Inquiries


Basic Eligibility


Our clients file 90 percent of their claims electronically. Electronic claims are more efficient, more accurate and get paid more quickly.


You can always get the most up-to-date information on all of your claims from one convenient screen



Of course, verifying patients’ insurance eligibility is an everyday part of your practice. Check patient eligibility electronically — saving your staff hours.


Unlimited Electronic Remittance Advice


Unlimited Secondary Claims


ERA Management Tools


With Gateway EDI’s electronic remittance service, remits are transferred directly to you — eliminating the need for data entry or endless filing.


Secondary Claims can be a paperwork nightmare — but our proactive tools will turn them into a dream, handling everything for you.


ERA Management Tools virtually eliminate paper and put all of the payment information you need at your fingertips.


Credit Card Processing


Patient Statements


Patient Exchange


This optional module, which integrates seamlessly with our other products, gives your office the flexibility to accept credit cards on-site.


With our optional patient statements application, we’ll handle the time-consuming task of printing and mailing statements to your patients. Accuracy guaranteed.


Everyone takes electronic payments these days, and now you can too with this add-on package. It’s a convenience your patients will appreciate — and you’ll appreciate how it improves your cash flow.


Unlimited Eligibility


Integrated Eligibility


Reimbursement Manager


Our All Payer Eligibility option gives you the ultimate in flexibility, ensuring you can verify patients’ eligibility no matter which insurance company or payer they use. You can use All Payer Eligibility on a per-claim basis, so you’ll only pay when you need it.


Our optional, integrated eligibility package interacts with your appointment scheduling system to verify a patient’s eligibility before he or she steps foot in the office.


Even small payments and denials can add up to huge revenue problems over time. Gateway EDI’s Reimbursement Manager helps you start recovering lost income from day one.


Customized Work Flow


User Access Permissions


Rejection Analysis


You know your office better than anyone — so you know what works. That’s why we’ve made your Gateway EDI home page customizable.


You’ll get unlimited user accounts – and the freedom and power to ensure everyone in your office has access to exactly the data they need – and none of the information they don’t.


We’ll help you spot the reasons for claim rejections, so you can prevent errors in the future.


Delivery Confirmation


Transaction Summary


Safety Net Report


Our tools make sure you’ll always know where your transactions are in the process.


All at once, you can get an overview of transactions, eliminating the need to track numbers by hand.


If you have rejected claims, the Gateway EDI Safety Net Report will ensure they aren't forgotten.


Performance at a Glance


24-Hour Customer Support


From one, easy-to-read screen, you’ll see an overview of exactly how you're doing


If you ever have a question, our experienced customer service specialists are ready to help you find the answer. And over 90 percent of the time, you’ll get a solution before you hang up the phone.