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In addition to purchasing Lytec Practice Management and Billing software to be installed on your local hardware, Kaberline Healthcare Informatics offers a web-hosted option that allows our customers to access their practice management software anytime, anywhere there is an internet connection. This pay-as-you-go option requires no expensive up front hardware or software purchase, and allows you to utilize the latest practice management technology and standards.

We’ve seen a growing shift towards hosted or web-based solutions in the medical field. This comes as no surprise to us, as businesses and medical professionals alike have continually faced the overwhelming challenges associated to implementing new software and upgrades. Not to mention, the day-to-day maintenance, support, and technical service fees associated to maintaining the software can add up quickly! The Web access software model has taken off precisely because it solves those problems.

So why are businesses now moving to Web access software?

  • Access anytime, anywhere there is an Internet connection
  • Never synchronize data from different locations - it's always there, always updated
  • Secure, HIPAA compliant servers backed up 24x7
  • Simple technical support - your system and data reside on our servers
  • Dramatically reduce IT costs - no installations, no servers, no backup tapes
  • No more expensive software upgrades to purchase
  • Pay as you go - no expensive upfront hardware or software purchases

What the experts are saying:

“Forrester Research found that the total cost of accessing Web-native applications can be 25% of the cost of on-site software… Indeed, it’s the promise of significant savings at a time when most businesses are desperate to cut costs.”

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